Saturday, March 22, 2014

March Thrift Store Haul

Happy Saturday everyone!! I finally have a Saturday off and it's not blistering cold so, my mom and I decided to go thrift shopping around the Columbus area today! Our favorite part about summer is going garage sailing to search for all the Disney items and since it's still to early for any yard sailing we looked up some thrift store on and around high street to go explore and I must say we were not disappointed by our findings!

 I love to go look through the shelves at a thrift store, but the problem with the stores around us are that they aren't the best places to go looking for the things we buy! Columbus was the perfect place to drive around and just look for a thrift store sign, we had a couple that we had planned on going to like, Out of the Closet on High St. and Volunteers of America which was right off High Street. Here's my haul:

At this dinky little Thrift shop we stopped at while driving, my mom found this huge Aladdin picture for me! I'm super excited about it and I think it's my favorite of all my finds today, especially since it was originally $10 and it was marked down to $5 so I didn't even think about whether or not to buy it, I just did!

At Out of the Closet I found a Tinkerbell soap dispenser and toothbrush holder. The soap dispenser will go in my kitchen because I already have a Little Mermaid themed bathroom, and I haven't decided what to do with the matching toothbrush holder, but I'm sure I'll find something! These were $1 each, which is reasonable. I found the Disney Cruise Line beer mug at Volunteers of America for $1.91, I love cups and I love Disney so this was the perfect find!

Next is a Lion King collectors plate, which my mom found but graciously let me have, at Goodwill on High Street. I snagged this for $3.99! While I was still at Out of the Closet I found a Disney California Adventure magnet and a "Come back to the magic" Disneyland button that will join my wall of buttons! I bought these for $1 each.

 I'm so happy I found this cup! The Salvation Army here in town had the set of these cups for $8 each, which considering this cup only cost me $0.50 at Volunteers of America, was a crazy price so, I'm glad I passed on those and snagged this for a mere two quarters! What a bargain!

 Volunteers of America was a good find for both of us, I found these cards new and sealed in the box for $1.90. They were just so cute I couldn't pass them up! They came with 4 different sayings, Keep Calm and Eat A Cupcake (which is my favorite!), Keep Calm and Have A Cocktail, Keep Calm and Carry On, and Keep Calm and Tweet On. Again, they were just too cute to pass up!

At Goodwill we found these wine glasses which has the Eagle, Globe and Anchor of the U.S Marines printed on it along with Semper fidelis. My younger brother is in the U.S Marines so my mom and I picked up 6 of these glasses for $0.99 each.

 Here are my mom's findings! Right in front is a glass Sorcerer Mickey, he's broken and missing his rainbow but he is incredibly cute! I found this piece and made the bad decision to let my mom see it because I didn't get it back! She was hesitant about buying it because it was only $2.99 but he is in rough shape but she bought it anyways, probably because she knew that if she didn't get it I would! 

On top is a 2012 Christmas snow globe which she found at Goodwill for $.99. It's a cute little snow globe that will go well with her huge collection! At Out of the Closet with my button and magnet, she found a 10th anniversary of the Disney Store button for $1. At the dinky little shop we found my Aladdin picture at she found a 1900 Park Fare button, which she was thrilled about, for $1.

Again at Volunteers of America, my mom spotted this beautiful Mickey's 60th Birthday collectors plate. Out of my mom's findings I think this may be her favorite, one because 1988 was the year of her very first trip to Walt Disney World, and two because it was only $4.99, which for it originally being a $30 plate is awesome!

It was a wonderful day for shopping, I spent a wonderful $20 and my mom spent $15, we walked around 7 thrift stores so of course a couple were a bust but for all that we bought it was a good haul! As summer rolls around I'm sure I'll be posting more of our thrift hauls and garage sale hauls. What do you guys think of our shopping day? What are your favorite shops to go to? Let us know!!


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