Monday, March 17, 2014

March 2014 Bonjour Joile Review

Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone! I really need to catch up with Emma so here's another of my mom's boxes! This is Bonjour Joile, a monthly or a one time only box for that wonderful time of the month every woman has! Bonjour Jolie brings some happiness to that time of the month by sending you some necessities you may have forgotten to go buy, some wonderful sweets to snack on and some hot tea to sip on while you curl up with a blanket! Bonjour Jolie is $16.00 plus shipping which totals to about $21.00 so let's dive in!!

Here's the first look when you open up the box!

Of course it's green for St. Patrick's Day! They always send you treats to snack on, some medicine, some items to pamper yourself, a gift (which is almost always a beautiful piece of jewelry), some tea, and your favorite feminine products. When you sign up for the box they ask you if you prefer pads or tampons and they send you either a mixture of  25 or 25 of one or the other, they also ask you when your cycle starts so they can send you the box when you need it!

The first thing I'll go through is the edible stuff, cause that's the best part right? The first snack I picked up was an Oatfield Orange Chocolate Roll, which is orange hard candy with a chocolate center, which tastes like an orange Tootsie Pop with a soft center instead of chewy. The next piece is also an Oakfield product, it's an Irish Butter Toffee, which is just a toffee, it didn't really stand out to me like the Orange Roll. Next is an Oakfield Chocolate Peppermint, I love peppermint so this was my favorite so far! My mom made me a cup of Stash Red Velvet Tea, which she got in her February Bonjour Box, when I came over to raid her new box. With the tea we had Bewely's Tea Company Caramelized Tea Biscuits which I really enjoyed but my mom didn't really care for them. The last product was honey sticks from The Blarney Stone Farm, I LOVE honey sticks and I'm hoping my mom loves me enough to share these with me!!
The next products are tea. The first is Bewley's Tea in Irish Breakfast of Gold, and a more familiar brand, Twinings, which is also Irish Breakfast. I've never had Irish Breakfast tea so I look forward to trying this!

Now on to the fun part, the pampering!

The first product is The Blarney Stone Farm Castile Soap. It's made by hand and has no added colors or perfumes, and smells amazing! It's a very light scent and not overwhelming, which is nice.

Next is The Blarney Stone Farm Lotion Bar. I have a lotion bar from a previous subscription box and I really like it! This one smells really good but I don't think i'll be able to talk my mom into giving me this one. I'll just have to get my own!!

 Next is a Basic Earth Botanicals Massage Bar. It's made with eucalyptus and lemon and from what I can smell through the package I love it!

The last couple things in the box are some travel sized Advil, and some travel size feminine wipes

I saved the best for last: the gift! This is a very pretty bracelet with a shamrock with a green disk. The downside is, it's very small so I can't steal it from my mom because I like bracelets that hang from my wrist!

I love the Bonjour Jolie box, it adds some happiness to a not-so-happy experience! So, what do you guys think? Is this your kind of box? Would you subscribe to Bonjour Jolie or do you have another preference? Let us know!

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