Saturday, March 15, 2014

March 2014 Taste for Sweets Box Review

This week, I got my first "taste" of a relatively new box. Taste For Sweets allows you to try fun and unusual snacks from around the world for $16 a month. With a coupon, I paid $11.20 for my box.

First look after I peeled the tissue paper up a bit.

This first thing I pulled out was this, Natural 12. Natural 12 is a Korean biscuit bar containing 12 grains. The package describes it as a "non-fried & energy snack." I found it pretty cool that the package also advertises it as an "ovo-vegetarian food." Even though I'm lacto-vegetarian (loosely), it's still neat to see someone recognize these niche dietary choices. I haven't tried this yet (it contains eggs, but I'll let it slide), but it will probably be breakfast some day.

This is on the descriptions card as Korolevsky Sharm, so I'm guessing Ukranian text has some rules to it that I'm not educated about. I tasted a faint coffee flavor I think? Whatever the case, it was really good, with a soft, chocolatey center.

This almost seems like a cop-out for me, since you can get these anywhere, but I guess not everything can be new. I'm not sure I've had them too much, but even if I don't like them, I'm sure I can give them to Felicia (F.M.).

This Go Fresh (which totally sounds like a feminine hygiene product) bar is from Turkey, and looks like it must be a Bueno knock-off. It has a really lovely cream inside it, which is pretty much unlike anything I've had before (except maybe a Bueno, but I can't remember if I've actually had one).

This is an Elvan Truffle from Turkey. It was alright, definitely not a common confectionary combination, but I'm not sure why. I wouldn't necessarily want more of these, but it was okay.

There were two pretty similar things, and this Ali Baba bar from Palestine was the bigger of the two. Haven't tried it yet, but I did try the little brother...

...the Elvarin Milky from Turkey. It was alright, but fairly run-of-the-mill, apart from being much better chocolate than we get here in the states.

Alright, these promised to be strange from the start. Why are there lobsters on the wrapper? Rachki is a Ukranian candy with a nut filling and a fruity exterior. It works out surprisingly well though, I think I might even buy more of these.

Let me start by saying that once upon a time, when Harry Potter was just being made into a movie, some English companies put out a bunch of crazy wizarding candies, which a friend of my mom's was nice enough to send me. I can't find record of them anywhere online, but there was definitely something like this, I think it was a Fizzing Whizbee and it was my favorite! Clear, flavored candy with citric acid that foams up in your mouth on the inside, just delicious! I really like foaming at the mouth though...Anyway, this is the best orange hard candy I've ever had, paired with the foaming quality. It's called Shipuchka from Russia, and I am hooked.

Chocolat  is a dark chocolate covered hazelnut from the Ukraine. Though I'm not a fan of dark chocolate under normal circumstances, this dark chocolate was softer and sweeter than I'm accustomed to, and turned out to be quite nice.

These are from Turkey. They taste like most pizza flavored things, very oregano-ey I think? They're good, like pizza Pocky.

Another savory snack. I love rice crackers, so this was not a disappointment.

Cresa Karamel from Macedonia is "cherry filled caramel candy." I didn't taste typical caramel though! The inside just seemed like a creamier version of the cherry outside.

This is a candy with Riga Black Balsam filling, from Latvia. It didn't taste super liquor-ey to me, but nothing special either.

I really like this box! I was looking for something like it since I found out about boxes. It's just over the price range I was considering, and mostly worth it. I'm excited to see what next month holds in store!


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  1. Yum! They all sound so good.I might have to look into this one and see if they ship to Canada...:)

    1. So far, I think they only ship to the U.S., but they're a pretty new box, so there's hope!

  2. Maybe I'm not paying attention, but I don't think I've seen one of those Hello Panda things around here. Definitely an interesting box! Especially the lobster wrappers.

    1. I'm pretty sure I've seen them in the international section at Meijer, but maybe I'm just crazy. They were pretty good though!