Friday, March 28, 2014

March 2014 Conscious Box Review

Well, Conscious Box rears its head yet again. Conscious Box is $19.95 with free shipping. This is the vegan box, but they also have regular and gluten-free boxes.

Conscious box ships in very cute inner and outer boxes. They ship with DHL and it takes a while to arrive.

Wow, so many sample sizes.

These have been in lots of boxes lately. I'm pretty sure Love With Food had a bag too.These chips aren't bad at all, and the texture is a nice change from potato chips. I don't think they sell them anywhere near me though.

I'm getting pretty backed up on skin products and the like that I need to try, particularly ones that I can't reseal.

I still haven't tried the greenery supplement from last month's box, but this one is totally different. Truth be told, I'm new to supplements in general.

At first, I thought this was like hummus, but I guess it's a sweet thing. I was going to try it tonight, before the review, but I've been grazing the last couple of hours, and I may as well hold back a little. 

Tried this one last night. It's got a great, minty flavor, but I've never seen a tea before with doctor warnings printed on the package. Yikes.

More Via Nature lotion. Swiss apple sounds promising, but can I just point out that there was already a moisturizer in this bunch? In a set, but still. I'm at least glad these are different from the types and scents included last month.

More of these, which I still haven't tried from last month. They'll be pretty good for camping I guess, so it doesn't hurt to have a supply.

Not only did I get some of this in last month's box, but I bought a bra on Ebay, and ended up with some from there too! When I finally try it, I'll see if it's worth all the promotion.

I happened to spot some of this at the grocery store today. It's $7.99 a box! I'm excited to try these, they all look like interesting flavors.

An actual coupon in this month's "conscious coupons"! Also a coupon for mineral makeup that I will not use because I don't use foundation.

And finally, a very cute "thank you" card from Smock, pressed on bamboo paper.

I've ended up with another three months of this box, and I really wish I could say I'll enjoy it. Truth of the matter is though, there were no full-size products in this box, all samples, and it still costs $19.95. I wouldn't even value this box at $8. 

What do you think of this box? What kind of value would you put on it? Did you like this month's box? Maybe it's just me.


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