Saturday, March 15, 2014

February 2014 Glossybox Review

Hey guys, Wow am I behind on my reviews or what?! This is actually my mom's subscription box so she kindly let me use it for a review. She has had this box for over a year so obviously it has some good products in it.  So with her help, here's the review!

Glossybox is a monthly make-up subscription box that is $21.00 a month with free shipping. Every month you get 5-6 luxury beauty products, the only reason why I have not subscribed to this box is because whatever my mom won't use I get! Re-gifting is one of the best things about subscription boxes because you won't always get products that you love. Let's dive in!

When you open up the pretty pale pink box here's what you see, my mom said that usually the ribbon isn't just pushed to the side so try to ignore that! It's always a light pink ribbon and wrapped in black tissue paper.

Here's what you see when you untie the ribbon and
peel back the tissue paper. I'm pretty jealous of this box because I want to try everything!

This was the first product that I grabbed because I was excited to see another POP beauty product, I tried to find the price of this for you guys but I couldn't find it anywhere!

If you have read my IPSY glam bag review, you know that I received a POP beauty lip gloss last month. When I opened this up the first thing I did was smell it, because the last POP product I got had a odd smell to it and I was happy to find it has no smell! This color is Melted Peach, which is a good name for it because it is a very light color, light enough that most people might have to wear some color under it. Another big thing for me with lip products is if it's sticky or not and again I was happy to find that it's not!

 The next product I saw was this, and I must say that they got me the with the name, it's just perfect!

These look pretty cool, i'll have to beg my mom to let me borrow one just so I can see how it works! These run about $12 for three patches.

So no matter how I moved this or how many pictures I took of it I just couldn't get it right! This is eyeliner by Sumita, and I'm sure i'll be seeing this in the next present I get from my mom because she doesn't use eyeliner and she knows that I use way too much! Eyeliner is my second favorite makeup product behind eye shadow so I can't wait to try it! This runs about $15.00.

This is a very pretty pale pink nail polish by Lauren B Beauty, called City of Angels. As I was looking up this polish I found that I couldn't stop looking! All the nail colors are named after the beautiful L.A, so it was fun to look through all the colors! This color is very light for me so I can't wait to order some colors that I can show off! This bottle runs $18.00 a bottle.

The last product is hair beautifier for color-treated hair by Pureology. This is for all hair types and can be sprayed on before styling to help with managing your hair and help with the shine. This product runs $24.00 for a 6 ounce bottle. I don't have much to say about this because neither me or my mom has used it but I have read some good reviews about it!              

So what do you guys think about this months GlossyBox? I'd love to hear what you think! I'm off to write more reviews on IPSY, and hopefully MunchPak! What kind of boxes would you like to see us review? It's always like Christmas to receive a new box so let us know!


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