Sunday, March 9, 2014

Heavenly Hygienics Review

My Merco Box earlier this month came with a coupon for $5 off a purchase at Heavenly Hygienics, so I made said purchase! There was a mixup with shipping, so they ended up sending me an extra for free!

The Merco Box came with their Cherub Balm lotion bar, which was the "Sweet Spirit" scent. It smelled amazing, but I thought I'd try something different with my coupon.

I ordered a "Fallen Angels" vegetarian soap (one of the soaps not pretty enough for the big time), and it came in "King Soap" scent. It wasn't my favorite smell ever, but it wasn't bad. I gave it to my sister though, since she's been more responsible than me, and has switched to glycerin-free soaps. I also ordered a "Holy Kiss" sweet mint lip balm, which smells great, with a very mild scent.

My bonus item was the Salt of the Earth "Rapture" scented bath salts, which I used today for a very relaxing bath. Plus they sent along a handwritten note, telling me about the products I bought.

I love this place! I'm totally going to buy from them again.


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