Monday, March 31, 2014

March 2014 Healthy Surprise Box Review

I'm becoming familiar with Rue La La faster than I would have imagined. They ran a special recently for a $50 voucher to Healthy Surprise for $25. Now, boxes are $40, but a starter box (which doesn't automatically renew) is $50. 

Health Surprise boxes are vegan. They ship very quickly! I ordered my box one afternoon, and it was showing as shipped less than a half an hour later!

First look.
Quite a few treats! Then again, there had better be, for a value of $50 (even if I did pay $25).

These were so good! They weren't quite as good as the chai spice macarons by Emmy's that Felicia got in her Love With Food, but they were still pretty darn great. I saved a couple, but it was hard to stop eating them.

I'm kind of sick of seeing these in boxes already. Also strawberry banana isn't my favorite taste sensation, but we'll see.

Alright, so I'd already noticed, but at this point I'm really annoyed about the lack of information card in this box. This is mexican chocolate of some sort, and apparently vanilla-flavored. A friend of my mom's used to send us Mexican chocolate, and I haven't had any in a long time, so I look forward to this. It feels much softer than what I'm used to.

Saving this for breakfast or camping, but I kind of wish it had nuts rather than little bits of things. 

These looked really good, so I decided it was only fair to inspect further. They taste very fresh, and the flavor is just the right level. The last covered almonds I had were a little hard, but these are perfect.

I like Hemp Hearts, but not these so much. The shells are very hard and get stuck in your teeth, and just about the only flavor is the sea salt and a wood-like fiber. Ick.

This was part of my breakfast this morning, and it was great. Much better than I'd expected, great flavor and consistency (not that rubbery pressed fruit you usually get).

I happen to like mangoes, but these were amazing. They taste great and it's only 83 calories per bag!

Not what I expected at all. I was expecting something sweet, like banana chips, but these are salty. They're like a more fibrous potato chip.

Saving these for later because I can't eat everything at once. I wish I'd gotten one of the other flavors. I'm imagining these will be something like papadums, but no idea yet.

My favorite thing in the box! I've been wanting to try kale chips for a while, and they were worth the wait. I can't believe there's no cheese in the cheddar flavoring either. My only complaint is that they were very crushed and mostly crumbs when I got them.

Overall, this box had a lot of good, valuable stuff in it, but it's also a $50 box. I would buy another box, but only for a slightly lesser price. 

What do you think? Any good/bad experiences with Healthy Surprise?


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