Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Peckish Box Review

Here we have the Peckish box, the younger sister to the Graze and Nibblr boxes. Like its siblings, the Peckish box is $5.99 for a box of four snack-sized packs of food. Unlike its sisters though, Peckish is a little bit pretentious. I get the feeling it really wants to be British, what with a dot co website, and the word "peckish" being the title (also the apparent slogan "nosh. nibble. nourish"). The main offices are located in Chicago though, so I'm not sure where all that comes from. The first box is $2.99, although mine ended up being free (more on that in a second).

Alright now, we're getting into story time before I'd originally planned, but this is where it begins. Seeing my information cards under this bad boy, I tilted the container up to grab for them, and what do you know, "Rise of the Almond Queen" starts to pour out. So I checked out the container and it just looks like the packaging didn't quite match up (plastic seal wasn't quite touching the edge of the container). Whatever. I shot the company an email, letting them know about the situation.

This mix was pretty cool. Coconut, chocolate and almonds? Heck yeah. My favorite in this box.

I tried this one next. It's called "Flavor Savor." Really not a ton of flavor though. The carrots were the best part, they were good, but I think these boxes have burnt me out on dried corn, and the soybeans were just "meh." Not a bad mix, but nothing I'd buy. Unless I could just get the carrot parts.

So around the time I was trying this one, the company emailed me back. It was a pretty decent response time (pretty much as soon as business hours started again), but what bothered me was their way of dealing with the situation. Now, it's fine if they want to believe I was just complaining to complain or whatever. It's not true, but that would be fine. Not the case. Instead, the email informed me that the cost of my box had been refunded, and my account had been canceled. Why cancel my subscription? One bad egg don't spoil the whole bunch, Peckish! It's alright, I like your sisters better anyway.

Anyway, let's press on. I have no idea what this one is called. The note card for it was never in the box. It's oats, walnuts, and dried blueberries. The blueberries are kind of bland and there's no easy way to eat the oats on-the-go, but it wasn't a bad breakfast.

Haven't tried this one yet, but it's called "Energy Booster" and it looks good. I'm probably going to save it for an emergency breakfast or hiking snack.

I had high hoped for this box! Something like the Nibblr or Graze, but new and exciting, slightly undiscovered! But it just seems to have a few kinks they haven't worked out just yet. The snacks are also less interesting than the other boxes.

Maybe it was just a bad box/experience. Have you tried Peckish? How was your experience?



  1. How long did it take your box to get to you after you ordered it?

    1. I'd say it was just over a week. I ordered February 28th and got it some time prior to March 11th.

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