Saturday, March 29, 2014

February 2014 KLUTCHclub Women's Box Review

Just recently got my first KLUTCHclub box. KLUTCHclub provides a box of healthy products each month for $18 ($10 plus $8 shipping). I received my first box for only the $8 shipping price.

It ships in a pretty handy little box, with a slide-out drawer. This box was particularly heavy, and I wasn't sure why yet, but I was excited to find out!

Even though I see people talk about these a lot, this was actually my first time trying Pop Chips. They're pretty good! Barbeque isn't my flavor of choice, but I didn't even mind it this time. For non-health reasons, I generally prefer baked chips to fried ones, but I think these are pretty much as good. They're made like puffed rice cakes, but with potato starch.

I got some of these in a Conscious Box a couple of months back. Even though they're really good, I still haven't used them all, but they're definitely something I like and want to use.

I thought this was the same as the Hemp Hearts, but it's a hemp-based protein powder. Some day, I should just mix all my nutrition powders together and make a gross/healthy drink mix. Or, yanno, use them like normal.

Tried this last night and I did have pretty restful sleep, but I'm gonna say it was probably coincidence. The flavor is nice, but I kind of wish it were carbonated.

More new teas! And these look like great flavors, too. Eh, they all look like good flavors! But these say "focused energy" on them, so maybe they'd be good for one of those days when I'm having issues concentrating.

This is a bottle cleaning tablet that will come in very handy at some point, but I'll surely try to use it as far away as possible, just in case of an emergency.

I got burnt by some baby food like this, but this one looks tasty, so I tried again. It tastes good, but still a little like baby food.

I like pomegranate, so I'm excited to try this shampoo. It smells really nice. My hair isn't super damaged, but hopefully it will still do something.

I'm sitting here rubbing my eye, thinking I don't have allergy symptoms much anymore...But in any case, I still might offer them to my dad, who usually gets allergies way worse than me.

I really want to try this, but I want to save it for a breakfast (or concert? It definitely looks marketed toward concert-goers).

Loca turns out to be a pretty good ginger ale, but it tastes a little like the artificial sweeteners I know it doesn't contain. Really not bad though.

Coupons! I'll almost certainly use the Pop Chips one.

KLUTCHclub is a pretty cool box! It definitely seems worth the price. It contained quite a few items I've never heard of, and a nice mix of samples and full-size products. The shipping price is definitely accurate, with a couple of drinks in the box! I've unsubscribed for now, but I would totally do this box again in the future.

Have you tried KLUTCHclub? What do you think? Let us know!


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