Monday, March 3, 2014

February 2014 Vegan Conscious Box Review

I recently got my very first Conscious Box, and so I figured I'd do a little review of it.

Conscious Box is regularly $19.95 with free shipping, but I found a coupon code somewhere, which made it $9.95. Since I'm a non-egg vegetarian and always trying to make choices that create the least amount of animal suffering, I chose to go with the "vegan" box, but they also have regular and gluten-free boxes.

Conscious Box ships in very cute inner and outer boxes (When asked if this is really conscious, they explain that it's to ensure the safety of the items. Plus they use veggie ink and recycled paper.). I ordered February 8th and received my box February 26th. I don't know if that's a typical wait time, or if I missed the usual ship date, but I'm sure I'll find out soon enough, since I was just billed for my second month.

First and first and a half-th look.
This box has a lot of stuff in it, but almost all sample sizes this month.

One of the only full-sized products was this Farmer's Market organic pumpkin (retail value somewhere around $2.50?). I don't bake a whole lot, so I'm not sure what I'll do with it. I was thinking maybe soup, or there's a recipe on their website for chilli, pumpkin style, which I think could be interesting. The information sheet from Conscious box also suggests use in pancakes, oatmeal, and even lattes! I'm also not a coffee drinker though, so maybe cocoa?

The next product I pulled out confused me for a minute. While I still eat honey in my diet, I was confused as to why they would include honey in a vegan box, but upon actually looking at the item, it's Bee Free Honee! And to top that off, it's mint flavor. It was pretty good. I guess this company makes their honey with apples instead of using bees, but it tastes pretty much the same. It gets easier to be vegan every day! I might actually buy some of this if their website gave pricing or ordering info. The location search doesn't work either, but I might look for it at Whole Foods next time I go.

I haven't tried this Traditional Medicinal chamomile tea yet because (to be brutally honest) chamomile is my period tea. But considering I do enjoy tea, this will probably be a winner at some point.

Aw and thanks for reminding me I'm shy, guys. On to the next item!

Another sample size, and I'm probably glad about that. Even my dark chocolate-loving mother didn't like these, although they're starting to grow on me. I guess if you pretend they aren't really chocolate (which I guess they aren't), and act instead like they're nuts or something that taste like chocolate, you can get over how incredibly bitter they are.

I haven't tried the lavender eucalyptus yet, but the vanilla coconut is pretty nice, although I thought it smelled like cinnamon and my mom thought it smelled like cocoa butter, so I think there's a slightly "eh" nature to it actually smelling like what it's supposed to. It seems to moisturize pretty well though, but it does have that slightly gritty texture that natural lotions seem to have. Overall cool though, the second product in the box that I might actually buy.

This is something I definitely should need, given the amount of time I spend in front of the old internet-box. I'm not sure I'll end up using it though, because I'm having trouble understanding the difference between this and like...a normal eye drop that isn't individually packaged, but that comes in a big, handy bottle and can also be used as contact solution. But what do I know?

I've actually been curious about "natural" deodorant for a while now, but I'd probably prefer a stick deodorant sample. I can't think of too many uses for a "towelette," or at least not any that I would share more freely than my feelings on the Blossom Organic product.

Both looking forward to and fearing testing this product. I think I'll do it as my breakfast replacement some day when breakfast is looking like a scary monster to me, but until then, I must simply wonder what dose of veggies that taste like berries could possibly taste like in water.

I don't like the way this sample looks like a spam email, but I'm definitely prepared to try, especially with the whole "cherry scented" thing happening. Not that I'm worried about wrinkles, although I think that's the product's real endgame: to make me think about my mortality (I'm on to you, wrinkle cream).

Although it says you're free to enjoy these straight from the bag, I think that's a little too messy and time-consuming for me. They taste really good though, so I'm totally putting them on something. Once I do that, I'll determine whether or not they're a thing I should buy.

Protip: don't call them coupons when they're just pamphlets. This might make people upset, conscious box. It might make people...ANGRY. Nah, I'm fine, but you owe me for the shirt I destroyed when I turned green and got all buff for five minutes.

Overall, I was not super pleased with this box. The packaging is cool, and it has potential, but there was what, one full-sized product? I mean, come on, for twenty bucks, I should be getting at least a couple. And the samples had a lot of variety, but dang, they're still samples! I'm obviously going to get a slightly more diverse view of the boxes next month, but if that one fails me, I'm out! How has your experience with Conscious Box been? Let me know in the comments, and stay tuned for the next one!


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