Sunday, March 23, 2014

March 2014 Beauty Army Box Review

Rue La La ran a sale on Beauty Army a few weeks ago, offering three months for less than $24, so I figured I'd give them a try for a while. This is my first box.

Beauty Army allows you to pick up to six beauty samples a month for your box.

Fake first look since my camera died before I could take a real one.
It comes in a very cool "cigar box" style box, which is totally reusable, and I just have to decide what this box's new job is going to be.

So this was the first item I looked at, and the one I was most looking forward to, and it turns out the sprayer is broken on this sample! I can still pour it out the hole, but can't spray it. The smell is pretty nice though.

I kind of unenthusiastically picked this, and then, upon getting it, realized it had glycerin in it. So I even went so far as to email the company to ask about the glycerin source, before seeing that it was included in the Petit Vour box this month. So my guess is, this guy should be vegan safe! Now that I know that, I'll be sure to try it.

Ugh, I'm not sure about this one! It lists most products as containing "kosher vegetable glycerin," but not all of them. I think I trust them, but I might just use only the products is specifies on. I guess I don't use cleanser or toner much anyway.

This stuff is totally safe, and I've used it on my dry nose, but it is not the best-smelling stuff. Honestly, it smells like foot ointment to me! Luckily, the smell seems to fade pretty quickly, as does the "lotion" feel, and it leaves you pretty moisturized.

Felicia (F.M.) described this as being kind of poop colored, and she's kind of right. It's a greenish-gold. It's very shiny, but I've not tested it on yet, we'll see. It's supposedly a Beauty Army exclusive color.

Definitely the best-sized sample in the bunch, you get three lozenges and a 3 ounce bottle of...oral rinse? I wanted to call it mouthwash, but even this product isn't confident enough for that label. So far, I've tried a lozenge, which not only tasted like a mint, but looked like one too. I can't taste the onions I had for lunch though, so it must be doing its job.

Overall, for less than $ The sizes were mostly tiny, nothing in this box thrilled me, and I was disappointed that my favorite thing was broken, but I don't know. I definitely wouldn't subscribe to this box for full price, but I've got another two months coming, so I'll see if it improves.

How was your experience with Beauty Army? Do you think this box was worth the price? Let us know!


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