Sunday, March 30, 2014

March Foreign Grocery Haul

Hola all! Last Sunday, my friend Laurie and I went to see Miniature Tigers in Columbus, and we made a day of it. The pictures didn't come out so great. So that, combined with the fact that I've already reviewed a couple of their shows for my music blog, resulted in my decision to not review the show. I can, however, talk about the cool foreign groceries that I got that day.

This haul is slightly imperfect, since I ate several of the things I got before taking pictures, and some of them, I even destroyed and discarded the packaging to. Nonetheless...

The first place we stopped, I was hoping to pick up some lychee loose leaf tea that I saw the last time I was there, but I couldn't find it. Instead, I got some more of these "mixed nuts," which are really tasty and 99 cents a bag, and some Pejoy (Pocky's friend), which is like inside-out Pocky. It's really tasty and I devoured it before I even got to the show!

Next, we stopped at an Indian grocery, where I spent a grand total of $13.33. I picked up three of these:

Yes, I know this is two. I can count, I'm just a hungry girl.
The one that's missing is Pav Bhaji, I ate it at work. These run $1.99 each, which is less than my local grocery store charges for the watered-down Indian packet curries, and these are really quite good. The Navaratan Korma separated on me for some reason (at the same time as the milk curdled in my tea, like some kind of weird, torturous sign from above), but I'm sure it was my fault. Otherwise, they all tasted great.

I also grabbed this box of Tetley for $4.99, but I goofed a bit. I absolutely love the Tetley I usually get at the local grocery for $7.99, and I kept saying to Laurie that it should be purple, but I trusted my cheapness instead of my ability to see colors, and when I got it home I realized that the purple that I get stands for "British Blend." I have yet to see how close this comes, but Tetley British Blend is the best black tea blend out there.

I also got three kinds of cookies, but you can see what's left there:

These are great, and 89 cents. I saved them for last because I already know I love them. They're like chocolate chip biscuits with orange flavored cream inside, and Felicia even said they taste kind of like a Terry's chocolate orange. The strawberry, which I also tried this time, is not as good. Oh well, live and learn. The third kind of cookies were Jam-In. They were 59 cents and I can't even find a stock photo for them.

So, on the final stop, I spent $9.93.

I also bought a green tea ice cream, which is something I try to get everyone to try. So even though we'd had peach bubble teas, we ate some green tea ice cream with coffee straws.

Mmm. I've got a bit of a thing for green tea flavored stuff right now (99 cents).

I splurged on these for all the wrong reasons. They were $3.29, but I thought they were fizzy candies, which would have been worth it. They're still good, but more like Warheads. The packaging is great though!

As was hinted earlier in the post, lychee is another flavor I'm really into at the moment, and these things are great ($1.49).

They tease me at work about these things all the time. But I love nori, and 99 cents for a three-pack is a steal.

So, just over $20 got me lots of cool stuff to try or to continue my addiction to. This was mostly all stuff I've had before, but I love trying new stuff too!

Has anyone else ever gone to different international groceries? What's your favorite foreign snack?


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