Tuesday, March 4, 2014

March 2014 Merco Box Review

I finally got a Merco Box the other day, and I'm super excited to review it for you. Merco Box is a box from Utah, that curates local products from Mom-and-Pop businesses. I've looked over a lot of regional boxes and a lot of them seem really over-priced and uninteresting, but the Merco Box is $19.99 a month, and you really get your money's worth. That said, I used a coupon and got mine for $9.82, which is an even better value!

Outer box and detail photo. This box is shipped with an address label wristband over it.
I was expecting the February box for some reason, so this one was a total surprise to me, yet I still didn't end up disappointed.

First look with paper-ey stuff removed.
The box is very cute, with the "local" buildings stamped in silver on the outside. This box got a little bit smushed in the mail, but nothing was damaged, and the packaging was minimal enough to not be wasteful, so it all works out.

Alright, so legitimately, the first thing I pulled out was this Heavenly Hygienics "Cherub Balm" lotion bar in their signature scent "Sweet Spirit." This stuff is incredibly fragrant, but I LOVE the smell. My roomate swears up and down that it smells like Froot Loops, but I don't really care. If this is what rubbing Froot Loops on your skin smells like, count me in! The official description of the scent is "lavender, lemongrass and vanilla." The moisturizing qualities seem to be decent so far, and it at least feels pretty good. They also have a really cute gimmick with the angelic/religious naming system for their products and scents.

So this happened again. Are people really that worried about wrinkles? I don't know, but I'll probably give this to my mom and hope she doesn't get offended.

A cute, but ultimately useless, keyring. I suppose I could separate my radio station keys onto this one since I only need them once a week, but it will probably just go into my box of useless promotional materials for now.

I haven't tried this yet, but I'm kind of excited. I'd also like to offer Merco Box a little protip though: make sure your messy food products are fully sealed! The bottom of this bag was not, and I got brownie mix on my couch (sniff sniff). It looks very cool though.

For like a split second, I was like "aw man, they sent me a freakin' scarf!," but then I absolutely fell in love with the colours and pattern of this thing. It's cute as heck, trendy, hipster enough to blend in with the hipsters but non-hipster enough to blend out into normal people, but also unique! And it brings me back to my fresh-out-of-high school days when I had a striped infinity scarf I tried to incorporate into far too many outfits. It also came with a coupon for $15 off a $50 purchase at Q Clothing, but I'm not likely to spend that much on clothes off the internet anytime soon. They do have some cute stuff though...

This one calls for a tea ball, which I shamefully admit I do not have. It says to just steep it in water, but I'd feel more comfortable...not doing. It's only a matter of time, though. From what I can tell without opening it, it smells pretty nice too, so I will definitely have to invest in a tea ball.

There were also a bunch of coupons and gift cards to "local" Utah places, including those featured. The one for Heavenly Hygienics worked, so I'm looking forward to getting an extra package! I'm still considering using the one for Seagrape, although it was labeled wrong.

Even without the gift cards though, this box is just super cute and nice! It offered a variety of products, all pretty cool things, and for a really decent price. I've unsubscribed for now, just because of budget concerns, but I am definitely considering re-subscribing in the future!

How has the Merco Box treated you? Any questions about the stuff? I'd love to hear your comments!


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