Sunday, March 2, 2014

February 2014 Ipsy Glam Bag Review

Hey guys! It's time to do my first subscription box review and I hope you guys are as excited as I am!

I am going to review the February Ipsy Glam Bag. For only $10 a month (and shipping is FREE!), Ipsy will send you a personalized Glam Bag. Here's how it works; all you have to do is go to and take a beauty quiz. This quiz will ask you simple questions like "what color is your hair and eyes?" and "what kind of makeup do you like to use?" The quiz will help Ipsy send you products you will use and enjoy so if you don't like certain makeup styles they won't send you them! Personally I used my beauty quiz to receive products I normally wouldn't go out and buy, that's the main reason why I love this bag!! So let's get to my review!

 The first thing you see when you open the bright pink bag it's mailed in, is the makeup bag! I love makeup bags and I already have more than I know what to do with! My first impression of this months was that it was kinda plain but i liked the pink color, but when I opened it up I found that the inside was a pink leopard print and I fell in love with it!

The first thing I pulled out the bag was eyelashes and eyelash glue by I don't normally wear false eyelashes but that could be because all the eyelashes I have are long and unnaturally colored (my favorite are these shiny rainbow lashes that I can't wear with my glasses because they are so long!). I really look forward to trying out some natural lashes! I'll include the link to so you guy can go check them out! The lashes are a $3.99 value

The next product I pulled out was a fresh start face mask. This is a blue clay face mask for stressed skin, it is a in-depth weekly detoxing, anti-dullness, and anti-aging ritual. I wasn't too excited about this product until i went to their website ( and read about the product, now I cant wait to run a hot bath and have a spa day! This product is a $39.00 value for six .28 oz masks.

The next surprise was Be Matte Blush by City Color. It may not look it from my picture but this blush is so pink! I fell in love with this as soon as I saw it, I love the color and I love that it is a full sized product. City Color had a nice big selection of beauty supplies and it was all reasonably priced, this blush retails for $2.99 which for it's size isn't a bad price at all! City Color has a pearl blush, which is also $2.99, that I would LOVE to try and am planning on ordering as soon as I can! Here's the link so you guy can go check them out,

Another full sized product is a nail polish by Zoya, I love nail polish! This polish is called Odette and it is a beautiful shade of purple, it dries quickly which is a plus for me, because if my polish doesn't dry quickly i'm prone to smudging it right off! I loved looking at other Zoya polish colors, all the colors had unique women names, which made looking at the colors interesting! This bottle runs for $9 (here's the link,
In the bottom of the bag, the last product is a lip gloss by Pop Beauty. The color is Fuchsia Freesia. Lip gloss and lipstick is something that I only wear on occasion and again I fell in love with this color and have been wearing it more often than I thought I would! This picture does not do justice to the pretty bright pink color, but I do have one negative comment about this lip gloss: it smells! When you open it up and put it on it has a odd smell to it that goes away as you wear it and it dries, the good thing is that it has no taste so you don't get to taste that odd smell! But all-in-all the couple minutes of the bad smell is worth bright pink color! This product runs $16.00 a bottle (here's the link,

So for all you get the Ipsy bag is so worth $10 a month! I love the excitement of trying new makeup, discovering new brands, and learning to love some beauty products you wouldn't go out and buy on your own. This was a perfect first bag for me, I love everything in it and I definitely don't regret subscribing to Ipsy! I will look forward to receiving this subscription every month, and telling you guys about it! It's almost time for a new Ipsy bag so as soon as I get it I'll start writing my review! Let me know what you guys think, see you next time! <3


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