Tuesday, April 1, 2014

March 2014 Glossy Box Review

Hi everyone! I'm going to show you what my mom got in her GlossyBox this month! For this month's GlossyBox theme, they partnered with Alex and Ani to give us a taste of their Scent 7 line of products! You have the chance of receiving one of three different samples from them. I love her GlossyBox because one can never have too many beauty products!! Let's start!

Of course you open up the box and the pretty pink GlossyBox is revealed! 

Here's the first look of the pink bow and black tissue paper. 

Here's the first look of the March box, as soon as you open it you get a strong perfume smell from the Alex and Ani soap bar! So here it is, 

This is the Alex and Ani Scent 7 soap bar which after you get over the overwhelming smell from opening the box it smells really nice. The scent is warm spice with a sweet floral undertone, and is valued at $14.00. 

Next is a black rose mask by Sisley Paris. This face mask is used to make your skin look youthful by softening and smoothing it. I love the scent of roses so this smells wonderful! I about fell over when I saw the price for a 2 ounce bottle, $158.00! For that price it has to be good! 

This is Bamboo plumping strand expand, it adds volume and strength to your hair. The scent of this kinda blended in with the Alex and Ani bar so I don't remember exactly how it smelled. For a 4 ounce bottle it is $22.00. 

The next bottle is ĂȘtre Belle liplift peel. I had to read the label a few times to make sure I was right, I've never heard of a liplift peel! It does exactly as it sounds, it removes dead skin from your lips and makes them nice and soft! It runs $18.00 for a 0.5 ounce bottle. 

Yay, more nail polish!! This is such a tiny bottle I was a little disappointed but it's a very pretty coral pink. For this small bottle it is $9.50. 

And since I always save the jewelry for last here's the special Alex and Ani bracelet! Isn't this beautiful?!?! It so elegant and in my opinion worth getting this months box!!! I couldn't find this exact bracelet on their website but I'm going to guess it was around $38.00. 

Did you get this months box? What special Alex and Ani product did you get? Let us know!


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