Tuesday, April 15, 2014

April 2014 Taste For Sweets Review

I got my second month of Taste For Sweets, so let's see where this relatively new subscription box is going.

Taste for Sweets is $16 a month and features a variety of sweets and snacks from around the world. I was disappointed to find that there was no information card this month to tell me where stuff came from. Apparently it was just a shipping mishap with a few of the boxes, but it was still missing, so I'm going to have to make educated guesses.

I'm assuming these are Japanese? They're little cone-shaped biscuits covered in chocolate at the end, and I wolfed them down pretty quickly.

This is like an Aero bar inside a mock ice-cream cone. It was really good (and I'm guessing also from Japan.

These are probably Turkish. They're a wafer stick filled with chocolate hazelnut cream. I was very excited to find that they're vegetarian and have no eggs! They also taste amazing. The hazelnut tastes almost fruity, but in a really good way.

This is definitely Japanese. It's a very thin biscuit with green tea cream in the middle. It definitely had eggs in it, but I definitely ate it anyway. Sorry factory farm chickens! The bottom half almost tasted like a meringue, but the green tea flavor is too faint for my liking. Still, very good.

I've had these before a few times. They're an Indian biscuit that's popular in a few middle-eastern countries. If my memory serves me, they aren't super sweet, but still pretty decent (especially with tea).

Oh man, I ate this without remembering the flavor too well. It's either Russian or Ukrainian (I think!), and I think it was a wafers and chocolate kind of thing. They seem to send a lot of that type of stuff.

I thought this was a repeat from last month, but it isn't. It was a really cool hazelnut chocolate. Very hazelnutty. I believe this is from Turkey.

I know this is Japanese and I remember it being good but I've got to stop eating these things blindly.

Now this was great. Like a mounds bar with milk chocolate and chocolate inside with the coconut. It's another Elvan candy from Turkey.

This was kind of meh. It's from Taiwan. It wasn't bad, but I didn't taste the taro. Is taro really that flavorless? Either way, I'm please with it because it's labeled "suitable for lacto vegetarian"! That's so cool that they do that! I don't think I've ever seen lacto or ovo vegetarian labeled stuff until this box.

I should really start taking pictures of the inner items too. This isn't a chocolate chip cookie, it's what it says. It's a chocolate cookie with chocolate chips in it. Neat! I believe this is another Japanese product.

This is an English hard candy with no artificial colors. It was pretty good! Really flavorful.

I haven't tried this yet because I suspect gelatin but can't find a thing about it online. I'll save myself the worry and just give it to my dad. It's raspberry and from Turkey, so I wish I knew the ingredients!

I really like this box (although last month was better). And it looks like they're getting ready to add a feature onto it next month, so that will be exciting!

Have you tried this box yet? Why not?


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