Wednesday, April 30, 2014

April 2014 BarkBox Review


It's been a while guys! How is everyone? I'm gonna show you what my mom got in her April BarkBox!


First things first, here's the box it's shipped in. This box was a little banged up but luckily nothing was damaged!


Here is the first look. The tissue paper is still my favorite part! Of course this month's box theme is Spring!


Spring has Sprung! 


So the first thing I grab, of course, has to be this weird looking guy! I mean look at him, he's so creepy it's cute! These are Water Loopies, by Loopies Toys. These toys are thoughtfully made with double stitching and extra squeakers so they last longer. These are the Alien Spectors and  they are made for playing in the water. I think this retails for $14.95. 


Both of the dogs enjoyed this! They played tug-o-war for while!


The dogs were wanting some treats so next is Bocce's Bakery Beef Bourguignon! These treats have no preservatives, they are wheat free and sources in the USA. These were made with fresh carrots, roasted hormone free beef, and parsley, they pride themselves by using human grade ingredients which is good for dogs with sensitive stomachs and allergies! This bag runs for $8.50. 

They both LOVED the treats! Look how happy they are!!


The next bag of treats are Dogs Love Kale, these are all natural, healthy and gluten free! Of course kale is the main ingredient.


This is a bully stick by Barkworthies. I'm not sure what to say about this, there was only one so this went back into the box for later! It is valued at about $3. 


Last but not least is Mr. Barksmith's Cool Treats Smoothies for Dogs in carrot cake. All you do is freeze and eat these! They are made with human-grade food and natural ingredients. Again, there was only one of these so back into the box it went!

So what did you guys think about this month's BarkBox? Let us know! 


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