Sunday, April 6, 2014

April Mall Haul

Not a big post, or a big haul, but I got some good deals in Polaris the other day, so whatever.

Old Navy $1.97. This shirt is really soft and stretchy, and a perfect flattering top for the price.

I love nautical clothing for some reason, so I splurged a little on this $9.49 Old Navy button-up.

Old Navy $2.97. I'm still considering giving these to my brother, but they're probably for me. I want to think of a way to incorporate them into an actual outfit...

I swear, I have way too many pairs of tights, I'll never wear them all! The two pairs on the left were 97 cents each at Old Navy. I got a woven purple and a solid red pair. The other color they had was an army green and I didn't know what I'd wear them with. The pair on the right was $3.97 at J.C. Penney. I really needed a new pair of mustard yellow tights though, since I wear the pair I got at Claire's a few years ago all the time, and they're finally wearing out.

Shoes for $2.97 at J.C. Penney! I'm not generally a fan of animal prints or textures and they were a little small on me but they're super cute and I'm going to cut off the ends of my toes, so it should be okay.

A new pair of work pants for $6.97 at J.C. Penney. 

I think I got some pretty sweet deals on this trip. I recommend checking out Old Navy right now for sure, because they're getting rid of their Winter stuff pretty hardcore.


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