Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Scaredy Cat Etsy order


Yay!! Guess who got her Etsy order from Scaredy Cat?? Meeee! Here's the link so you guys can go check out her shop.

I found out about Scaredy Cat from a subscription box that my mom received, she showed it to me not only because it was a beautiful eyeshadow but because It was called Scaredy Cat! How cute? I immediately logged on to Etsy and looked at what she had to offer. I couldn't decide in just ONE color, they are all just too pretty, so I decided to order her 10 sample bottles for $10. The first time around I picked out a couple of colors and told her to pick out some of her favorites and I wasn't disappointed! These are such beautiful eyeshadows, the colors are flawless and they stay on all day. The sample bottles have 1/4 of a teaspoon of product in them, which doesn't sound like a lot but they have lasted me a couple if months now and I haven't even finished a bottle yet! 


Here's how I did my makeup when I went out the other day. I used Teal Deer with a silver under my eyes from L'oréal Paris which is one of my favorites! I love these colors because they are so bright and have glitter in them so they are extra pretty! I ordered Teal Deer, which is teal of course, Klaxon, which is a white, silver color, Take Pride, a bright orange, Poysenberry Pie, a plum colored purple shade, Lir, a grey, silver shade, Flounce Cat, a light shimmery pink, Everglade, a matte green, Rose Gold, which is just how the name sounds, Koi-urism is a dark green shimmery color, and Hivermind is a bright yellow! I love these colors, I am so happy with these colors and I can't wait to order more!!! 

What do you guy's think? Let us know!


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