Tuesday, April 15, 2014

April 2014 Girl's Co-Ed Supply Review & Coupon

Sorry everyone! I guess it's been a while for me. I recently got my first Co-Ed Supply box. Co-Ed Supply offers a box full of college essentials for $20. Even though it's been a couple of years since college for me, I was really interested in the stuff this box had to offer. I got my first box for $10.

Co-Ed Supply ships in a fitting box and includes a handy information card. This is the girl's box.

The first thing I picked up were these two bags of Daily Crave veggie snacks. I don't understand why, since they're about the same concept, but the veggie chips were much better than the sticks. I enjoyed both items though.

I've actually used some of these already, and not for camping! They don't have a strong scent and they don't leave your face feeling sticky. I think they really helped my face to not be greasy on a day I ran out of time to shower.

In my days of real college, snapea crisps were something I used to pick up in Japantown on a regular basis. These are a lot less salty, and that makes me sad. I feel like they need that extra flavor to avoid being styrofoam. Although maybe I'd like these a lot better too if I weren't so used to the more salty ones.

Haven't gotten to this one yet. You know how I am about breakfast and energy bars, right?

I'm sure I will love this, but I'm saving it too, for a rainy day. Not sure why I didn't use it when I was out of juice and milk the other day, but hey.

I know I gave a rave review of this brand when I got to try the cherry vanilla flavor in my Healthy Surprise box, but yet again, these are great! I really like chai-flavored things and these are just a perfect combination. Full-size too!

I'm beyond over the whole moustache thing.

A magazine for drinkers of Red Bull. I can see this as a free giveaway, but I wouldn't put a value on it.

I think this is a pretty cool box! Definitely worth somewhere near the value of it, and more than what I paid. If you're interested in checking it out too, use this link to get $10 off your first box!

What do you think of Co-Ed Supply? Let us know!


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