Tuesday, April 15, 2014

April 2014 Q Box Mystery Box Review


I was so excited about the Q Box mystery box!!! With shipping this box was about $30. Q box is a Japanese/Korean lifestyle box, I've been watching the reviews for this box for awhile thinking and thinking if $40 a month is worth it to subscribe and I'm still not sure. 


Here's the shipping box. 

Here's the first look!


First things first, a snack! I like Welch's fruit snacks, I mean who doesn't like fruit snacks, but I didn't expect it to be in this box. 


Here's the thank you card. We couldn't figure out what the two small chains were, but we found out late that they are rings! Well my fingers are too fat for these so they will go back in the bag! 


These are doodle's by Emi Jay, which are hair ties. I have a couple of packages of these type of hair ties and my hair is too thick to put it all up in these small ties, but they are so pretty!


I had a real hard time getting a good picture of this tape! It's pretty cute but I'm not sure what I'd use it for, it has a British theme to it.


This is pomegranate raspberry green tea one of my favorites! Again I didn't expect tea in the box but I'm happy with it, and if I'm lucky mom will share with me!


Theses are beautiful flower note cards. Again I'm not sure exactly what these will get used for but they are cute!!


I was excited to find out what these are! Look how cute they are!! They are actually molds to make adorable bento boxes!! You put sticky rice in the molds so that it takes the shape and then you decorate it and make it adorable!! 


Of course all the instructions are in Japanese!!


Last is a Laundry net for your bras, my mom and I are thinking that this is to fold your bras in and wash them so that they don't tangle up or get damaged. It's so cute!! It did take us awhile to figure out what this was sadly, my mom said she's going to use it for packing as well as washing!

Did you guys get a mystery Q Box? What did you get?? I'm still trying to decide if I want to subscribe to this box, they have such beautiful products. I'm sure one day I'll get one!!!


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