Tuesday, April 15, 2014

April 2014 Love with Food Box Review


This box has to be the best snack box I've ever gotten! I've been subscribed to Love with Food for about a year now so it's about time I review it! Love with Food is $12 a month, and they send you healthy snacks every month. Love with Food also donates a meal to feed a hungry child with every box that is bought. Let's open it up! 

Here's the first look. 


The first thing I saw was this bright red package of Wild Hibiscus Herbal Tea by Heart-tée. This tea can be ordered from Europe from the Wild Hibiscus Trade Shop for about $7. I can't wait to brew this up and drink it!! 


This little card gives some information on some different ways to enjoy your hibiscus tea, making it into popsicles, iced tea, and even a sangria! Hibiscus has many health benefits like lowering your blood pressure, and cholesterol. I'll have to order some online if I enjoy this so I can try some if the ideas on this card! (I do love sangrias!!)


Oh my gosh I LOVE these! It's a waffle cookie that you set on the edge of your glass while drinking hot tea, coffee, or coco and it melts and gets warm and soft and amazing! It's the perfect addition to a warm cup of tea! 


This is a BumbleBar organic energy bar. I'm not too thrilled with this but I'll give it a try, I don't really like almonds but again I'll try it. These are $2 apiece. 


Again with the almonds! These are glazed almonds with cranberries honey and sea salt by Sahale snacks and retail for about $1 apiece. I opened these just to give them a try and I'm gonna say I didn't like them at all, not even the cranberries. If she doesn't mind that I already opened it I'll probably see if Emma (E.S.) wants to finish these off. 


This is chocolate mint creamed honey by Vintage Bee. I'm a bit hesitant about what to do with this, I don't think it would be the best thing to put it green tea, (which is what I normally do with honey) When I looked up this product it recommended to use this on cakes and brownies or even in bread recipes! I'll have to decide the best way to enjoy this! For a 8 ounce jar it's $9.50. 


Next is a sample of fruit spread by Fiordifrutta. When I looked this product up I expected it to be pricey because it talked about how three pounds of fruit went into each 8 ounce jar of spread, but it's only about $6 a jar. I'll have to try this with some peanut butter for breakfast tomorrow!


Next is Crave Canyon popcorn. It is cane juice and sea salt kettle corn with anise (which tastes like licorice). Again, I was a little hesitant about this because I hate anything that tastes like licorice but I'm always willing to try something once. And now that I've tried it I must say I regret it, I don't like this at all. 


Last but not least is Orchard Blend Crunch Dried Fruit. I love dried fruit, especially apples! This is an apple and peach blend so I was very excited to try this, and I wasn't disappointed! Yummy!

What did you guys think about Love with Food? I love trying new foods, whether I like them or not! Let us know what you guys think! 


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