Wednesday, April 9, 2014

April 2014 Skoshbox Review


Skoshbox is a monthly subscription box that ships for $12 a month! It is a box of candy and snacks from Japan, so it's the perfect box for me!


I love getting my Skoshbox every month! It all started as a birthday gift from my mom, and I've been hooked ever since! They are usually pretty good at mixing up what you get each month but I think that every single box I've received had at least one of these in it! The first one I had tasted like a giant cheese puff so naturally it was amazing and one of my favorites but then I got a teriyaki burger one and that was the end of it for me! This one is Cod Roe flavor soooo I don't think I'll be eating this one!! 


These are mini Aero bars, I love these types of candy bars! They are the Nestle version of the Hersey Air Delights, but these flavors are strawberry and green tea! These are the perfect flavors for me because, both are my favorite flavors!


POCKY!!! Yay! I always love it when I get Pocky in my box because I love any and all of it! This package is strawberry flavored, so again perfect for me!


Wow, this has to be my favorite box I've received!! Japan has so many different flavors of KitKats that if I ever made it there I'd have to bring my own suitcase just for the KitKats is buy! I've had Oreo KitKats, strawberry KitKats, and mint ( at least that's all I can remember at the moment!) this one happens to be green tea flavored, again yay! 


These are "Grandma's Sweet Shoyu Baked Senbei" I don't really have too much to say about these, I've had them in a previous box and it kinda tastes like a sweet wafer cracker if that makes sense! The point is that these are pretty good!


This is a Milk Country Candy. I sat here for a while trying to decide how I wanted to describe this to you guys and I just can't decide because it doesn't really taste like anything, don't get me wrong it is yummy it just doesn't have a lot of flavor!


These are Harvest Baked Biscuits. You had the chance of getting either caramel or cocoa and luckily enough I got caramel! I opened this package and proceded to eat all of them like crazy, they are thin and lightly coated in sugar so, they are just the right amount of sweet! Yummy!


These are Cheese Okaki Crackers. I was very scared to try these because when I opened them they didn't smell to good so, here it goes. I don't want to say these are awful but, they are pretty awful the seasoning on the outside is probably the worst part, yeah I don't like these! 


These are Elise Wafer Sticks, they are a nice change to the Okaki crackers! I got white chocolate wafers and I am not disappointed, they are pretty awesome!! Excuse me while I go eat the other one!

So what do you guys think of Skoshbox? Is it too weird for you, or a box that is perfect for you? I love getting snacks from around the world, it's so much fun to see what other people from different parts of the country eat normally that "we" might think is odd, so let me know what you guys think!!


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