Tuesday, April 1, 2014

March 2014 Special Fancy Box Review (Men's and Women's)

Happy April Fools Day everyone! I hope you didn't trust anyone too much today! My mom got her special edition Fancy boxes a couple days ago and I'm finally going to share it with you all! She was so excited about this Fancy box that she ordered both the men's and women's Fancy box, both were around $20 after shipping costs. I'm going to do both the men's and the women's so, let's start! 

We decided to open the purple one first because we thought the purple one was the women's box, so here's the first look!

These were huge boxes for the little amount of product inside the box. I really liked the box design but it just seemed wastful.


The first thing is this "Work hard stay humble" wall sticker. My mom wasn't too thrilled by this, she doesn't know what to do with it or where to put it. I told her that I didn't even think I liked it enough to steal it from here! I'm sure we will find some use for it though! 

Here's where we find out that this is the men's fancy box! This is a small package of aftershave, which my parents like to travel so I'm sure it will get used!

If you haven't used these, you need to find one and use it. It is a head massager and to me it is the strangest feeling thing you could ever put on your head! My mom liked it and my dad wasn't really sure about it. 

The last (and most exciting) gift was this Aqua Pouch Speaker which is a waterproof MP3/smartphone player. This was the best gift in the whole box. 

Down at the bottom were these cute little stickers and a business card. That's all for the men's, so let's move on to the women's! 

This one is a bright orange box and has the same first look as the men's. 

Again, it's a very big box for just a few items. 

I forgot to take a picture of the inside of the box for the men's so here's the women's! It wasn't too much different. 


As you can imagine, we were so "excited" to see another "Work hard stay humble" wall sticker! Again, meh.


Next is this very durable credit card holder by Laex which will no doubt go in the "vacation" pile! This card holder will cost you $27 which is a bit expensive for my taste! 


On the back it says "stay foolish" which I'm not sure why but I really like it! 


Next are these adorable notebooks! Hey everyone needs cute notebooks right? I usually find a reason to carry one if it's cute enough! I tried to steal these from my mom but she liked them just as much as me so no go! She did offer me a wall sticker though....


I, unfortunately, can and do live by this statement! I love it and I think it's my favorite out of the whole box! 


I like this one too, just not as much as the first one! 


Last but not least, nail polish! My favorite! This China Glaze color is a beautiful platinum silver that my mom loved. I will definitley be stealing this on occasion! 


And again at the bottom were these cute little stickers and a business card. 

So what did you guys think? Did you get this special Fancy box? If you did what did you get? Let us know!!


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