Tuesday, April 8, 2014

2014 KLUTCHclub Best Of Women's Box Review

KLUTCHclub just recently celebrated their 2nd birthday, and to celebrate, they ran a $2 special on their "best of" boxes. That means with shipping, it came out to $10. When I ordered this box, I hadn't yet gotten my first box, but it seemed like a deal.

Once again, KLUTCHclub comes in a sturdy, handy box.

They gave me my favorite chip flavor! Unfortunately, I prefer both the Pop chips from the February box and Lays baked potato chips to these, but they were good, and worth a try.

This could definitely be useful. Particularly on days when I just can't stop eating. I'm trying to lose weight! (*crams food into mouth*)

Much as I love raspberry, I can't in good faith assume that the gelatin in here is vegetable based, so I will be finding another home for these guys. Not really sure what they're supposed to do anyway.

I guess you can add this to water or a smoothie for a burst of energy. I wonder what will happen if you drink it by itself somehow. I'm guessing the taste isn't supposed to work, but maybe it will turn me into the Incredible Hulk of energy instead of anger or something. Or maybe it's just terrible, but my mom didn't make me drink liquid medicine all my life for nothing! I'll use it eventually (after trying a sip by itself).

Another can of this stuff, which I've for some reason photographed like it's in motion at a party or something. As I said before, this stuff is pretty good, although I don't know that I'd buy it on my own.

This is one of those things I will keep because it seems useful, but I'll probably never end up using it.

Camping? Camping. Now all I need is someone to go with.

Okay...I always hate giving really bad reviews on stuff. I mean, something one person hates could be someone else's favorite thing! But seriously, this is the worst bar I've ever had in my life. It smelled like Play-Dough, and no matter how much I tried not to smell it, it still tasted like Play-Dough with a tiny bit of cinnamon in it. Ick. I would never buy a Fiber Love bar.

More wipes? I think we've already established what pile these will be going into.

These people have been promoting the crap out of these. I'm excited to get to try a mask, especially a certified vegan one. I'll try to have a girly day some time and use it.

Felicia...! Remember how we're totally going to exercise?

Tea! I don't know that I've tried Taylor's, so this is new.

This is a performance booster. If I end up exercising, this won't have to go to its second possible use: biking.

I like this alright, but the one I didn't eat will go to my mom. She appreciates dark chocolate more than I.

Poopy coupons this time. Nothing I'd even consider using.

I really like this boxes though (heck, I ordered another best of box). I might subscribe to KLUTCHclub in the future, once I see how things are going.

What do you think of KLUTCHclub? The boxes all seem so different! What's the best thing you've gotten in one of these boxes?


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