Wednesday, May 14, 2014

May 2014 Taste For Sweets Review

My Taste For Sweets box came already!

My roomate's cat approves of this box. Either that or he was just wanting his picture taken, I don't know.

First look
The paper is glittery this month instead of white.

This was the biggest item this month. It's an Ulker Dankek cake from Turkey. It's chocolate orange. I'm assuming it's not lacto vegetarian-friendly, but it has my dad's name all over it.

Once again, I don't trust this item as being lacto-vegetarian friendly, but it's a strawberry cream cake from Japan.

As I've said, I'm a little loose on the egg part of my moral-based diet. This is a Dobryanka from Turkey, and despite the "egg powder" in it, I gave it a try. It was, by far, the best candy I've had in a Taste For Sweets box. It also had the ingredients printed on it in English, which is always a plus.

This candy was also amazing! It's translates to "Cup of Milk." It's a Ukrainian candy, soft caramel filled with milk. It doesn't even have eggs in it!

I'm amazed as heck that I could eat this! It's a Russian candy, a "souffle" covered in chocolate. It's also strawberry, and very good.

I'm sorry all the lighting is terrible, I can't seem to be home during daylight anymore! This is a chocolate-covered nut thing. It's a "squirrel" hard candy from the Ukrane.

I was having trouble identifying this little guy. It's a tiramisu caramel truffle from Russia. It was really good, and the last actual truffle I had, I didn't like, so it may have just reopened a window for me.

This is a Bon o Bon from Brazil. It's a mushy, peanut-flavored center covered in chocolate.

From Poland, this is a Miezanka Krakowska. It's a lime jelly coated in chocolate. Lime candy has never been this good.

This is a Roshen Mont Blanc, once again from the Ukraine. It's white and milk chocolate, and the inside is filled with very finely chopped hazelnuts. They're chopped smaller than rice.

I think this was the most unusual candy I tried in this box. Turron Supercoco is from Colombia, and it's a coconut hard candy. It tastes a little like molasses with coconut. I wouldn't mind a few more of these, but they're a little tough to get used to.

I had these in another box and liked them so much I ordered more from the site! These Shipuchka candies from the Ukraine come in the lemon and orange shown above and a bubble gum flavor.

This made me feel very uncomfortable. I'm like 200% sure it had eggs in it, and it was just...strange. It was the actual strangest thing in this box, described as being a chocolate-covered vanilla "souffle" from Kazakhstan, called Ptichye Moloko.

I'm now wondering why they don't make more pear-flavored hard candies, apart from Dum-Dums. These candies from Belarus (which is a small country near Poland...totally had to look that up) are pear-fect!

This box seemed a little bit smaller than the last couple, but they've also just started up a new "request" portion. I'm requesting some more "Cup of Milk" candies! I also thought there were some more interesting candies this time around, so it was still an exciting box for me.


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