Sunday, May 4, 2014

April 2014 Urthbox Classic Review

I ordered an Urthbox clear back on March 7th, and finally got it April 30th. I'm not quite sure why the delay was so great, but the box turned out to be pretty cool.

Urthbox costs $25 a month, but I got mine for $15 with a coupon.

Looks stuffed!

I started out by digging to the bottom of the box. These tortillas were in the vegan box too (they're listed as a "bonus" item). I can always use ingredients for quesadillas!

These orange pearls were awesome. They were little jelly orange bits covered in chocolate. I shared them with my family, but they disappeared pretty quickly.

This sounds super good, but I'm saving it for breakfast, hiking, or a hungry rainy day.

These Unreal bars are supposed to be healthier than the traditional candy alternatives, made with better ingredients and that. It was a pretty good little candy bar (and no eggs, somehow!). I had my mom try the other one, and she said that the chocolate is much better than a Snickers (the obvious inspiration). My main complaint about these is that it's impossible to actually find real nutritional information on their website. They just link you to some advertising-riddled FAQs.

I wasn't a huge fan of this, but my mom liked it. Caveman Cookies aren't bad, but nothing special in my opinion.

Another "bonus" item, my mom and I both expected these to be terrible, but they were actually pretty good. The parakeet definitely loved them!

I actually bought this exact item, down to the flavor and everything, at the grocery store the night before I got my box. I will always take seaweed snacks though, so it's absolutely okay!

It was at this point that I realized I did not order the vegan box. And by realized, I mean "freaked out and wondered why they sent me the wrong box, then looked at the website and realized I was just an idiot." These contain fish oil, so I gifted them to my dad.

I don't know who eats pâté or what it tastes like, but this vegan stuff was pretty gross. It wasn't so gross I couldn't eat it, but it was gross enough that I didn't enjoy it.

More delicious vegan macaroons for me! These were "choco" and I shared. They were amazing. Not my favorite macaroons so far, but I'm certainly not complaining.

I don't know how many "bonus" items you can claim to have before they just become items, but here's another "bonus" dates! The box also came with a coupon for dates, which I gave to my dad because I never eat them quick enough to justify buying them.

Weirdly enough, I also got one of these at the grocery store the night before I got the box! My box came with two of these, and they were great! My sister really liked them, as did the rabbit. It's nice when a real fruit strip actually tastes as good as a Fruit Roll-Up, but it usually doesn't happen.

I just mixed some of this with water, and while it looks icky and murky, it tastes absolutely fine. It's a very faint blueberry flavor and mostly you can't taste anything. That seems like a pretty easy way to get vitamins and benefits of superfood.

They also sent a bunch of coupons!

This box seems to be a decent value for $25 (even better for $15), but I did decide to cancel my membership for now. The shipping time is just crazy.

What's your experience with Urthbox been like? Or are you still just curiously considering giving it a try?


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