Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Tea for Emma

Hello all! I'm Emma, and I'm here to introduce you to my cup of tea. Or to me. Or both. I'm going to say some things.

As of this post, I'm twenty-two years old, assistant manager at a pizza place, and I have my own local radio show and another blog just for my music obsession (No More Blood From a Clone).

In addition to music, I like clothes, records, and movies. I like movies so much, I decided to drop out of film school after two years at the Academy of Art in San Francisco, and leave it to the professionals. Although, if anyone really pushed me, I wouldn't mind pursuing the screenwriting part still. I also love reading and writing, although I do neither as much as I should. I love science fiction, comedy and romance as genres in film and novel (although not romance novels, since that's a different thing entirely). My favorite franchises include Star Wars and The Muppets.

Here are some other favorites of mine:

My favorite music: Monkees, Beatles, Death Cab For Cutie, They Might Be Giants, Kate Bush, Tally Hall, Miniature Tigers, great 60s pop, 80s new wave, or modern indie music that's catchy and tuneful.

My favorite movies: Star Wars, The Sound of Music, The Darjeeling Limited, Back to the Future, anything else by Wes Anderson, movie musicals, classics

My favorite TV shows: Monkee, Flying Circus, Doctor Who, IT Crowd, Father Ted, Pushing Daisies, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Archer, etc.

My favorite authors: Douglas Adams, J.K. Rowling, Meg Cabot, John Green

My signature cup of tea: A mug full of Twinings "Blackcurrant Breeze" black tea with milk and three spoons of sugar


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